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Highlights from recent matches

MIB won against Invaders by 64 runs...See how.
Indie Blues won against Sunrisers by 85 runs...See how.
Master Blasters
Batsman (Team)RunsSixesFours
Mahesh mada (Indie Blues)6451
Julius Sahaya (MIB)4642
Chandra Mariyal (Invaders)3204
Arjun Khadka (MIB)2862
Kethaka Jayawickrama (MIB)2802
Flying Stumps
Naveen Abburi (Sunrisers) clean bowled Jaganath Atmakuri for 0
Mallikarjuna M (MIB) clean bowled Abhinav Mummidi for 0
Mallikarjuna M (MIB) clean bowled Thiyagarajan Rajendran for 3
Mallikarjuna M (MIB) clean bowled Rajen Tadvi for 4
Kamal Bollempalli (Indie Blues) clean bowled Ram Dugalam for 5
Mayur Saxena (Invaders) clean bowled Sridhar Bhuvanagiri for 7
Mayur Saxena (Invaders) clean bowled Siva Poosapat for 9
Chandra Mariyal (Invaders) clean bowled Raviteja Pola for 20
Mayur Saxena (Invaders) clean bowled Amal Jayawickrama for 20
Julius Sahaya (MIB) clean bowled Chandra Mariyal for 32
Gokul Srinivasan (Invaders) clean bowled Julius Sahaya for 46
Safe hands
Santosh yerramalla (Indie Blues) - 2 catches
Sagar Kokal (Indie Blues) - 2 catches
Arjun Khadka (MIB) - 2 catches
Veerendra Kanchekundu (Sunrisers) - 3 catches

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