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Preview of upcoming action

>>am(8.00)Invaders (17 pts) & MIB (9 pts)Spartans
>>pm(1:45)Spartans (11 pts) & V Badgers (17 pts)MIB
>>am(8.00)MadPack (15 pts) & Dus Dabangg & I (15 pts)Sunrisers
>>pm(1:45)Indie Blues (16 pts) & Sunrisers (4 pts)Dus Dabangg & I
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Highlights from recent matches

Invaders beat Sunrisers by 9 wickets.... Scorecard
Spartans beat Dus Dabangg & I by 6 wickets.... Scorecard
MIB beat Indie Blues by 5 wickets.... Scorecard
V Badgers won against MadPack by 48 runs...See how.
Master Blasters
Batsman (Team)RunsSixesFours
Chandra Mariyal (Invaders)6055
Arjun Pingali (V Badgers)3921
Siva Prakash (V Badgers)3812
Sharath Nadukuda (Sunrisers)3801
Paras Singh (Invaders)3504
Flying Stumps
Sreenivas Cheekati (Indie Blues) clean bowled Nandu Shiva for 0
Nithin Kumar (Spartans) clean bowled Akshay Sangani for 1
Sandeep Vadlamudi (Invaders) clean bowled Saivenu SPR for 2
Ravi Madhira (V Badgers) clean bowled Ishant MP for 3
Kamalakar Chava (MIB) clean bowled Santosh yerramalla for 4
Sreenivas Cheekati (Indie Blues) clean bowled Srinivasa R Macha for 4
Sandeep Vadlamudi (Invaders) clean bowled Suresh Perumal for 4
Sreenivas Cheekati (Indie Blues) clean bowled Julius Sahaya for 7
Kamalakar Chava (MIB) clean bowled Akash Shakunala for 10
Srinivas Arigapudi (Spartans) clean bowled Sreenath Kanneganti for 12
Nithin Pericherla (MIB) clean bowled Subbu Namburi for 14
Abhinav Gona (V Badgers) clean bowled Apoorv Kalyankar for 14
Niranjan Salian (V Badgers) clean bowled Girish MP for 25
Sandeep Vadlamudi (Invaders) clean bowled Amin SPR for 25
Arun MP (MadPack) clean bowled Ravi Madhira for 34
Safe hands
Vijay Savanth (MIB) - 2 catches
Sridhar Bhuvanagiri (MIB) - 2 catches
Murali Routhu (MIB) - 2 catches
Leela Prasad Dometti (V Badgers) - 2 catches
Abhinav Gona (V Badgers) - 2 catches
Praneeth Bavirisetty (Spartans) - 2 catches
Sampath Garapati (Invaders) - 3 catches
Srinivas Arigapudi (Spartans) - 3 catches

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